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The week before Fall semester started, Andrew was home from working at the scout camp all summer, and I had just moved home. Since this would probably be the last time we would be at home together for a significant amount of time we decided to take advantage of the opportunity and go on a road trip. Destination...San Francisco! Here is photo documentation of the highlights of our trip, which were many. Enjoy!

The first day was pretty much just boring driving. Until we got to...Lake Tahoe!

The fresh mountain air was so exhilarating that we decided to go running. Actually I decided to go running and forced Andrew to come along. Here I am stretching as obnoxiously as possible.

We camped out overnight at Lake Tahoe. The best part about the campsite? THE BEAR BOX!
We really had fun camping. That night we hiked up to a smaller lake near our campsite and looked at the stars for probably an hour. The night sky was so vivid and clear, it was amazing! It's been a long time since I've done some good star gazing.

I was amazed at how beautiful and sandy the beaches were. This lake is HUGE!
I thoroughly enjoyed our brief stay in Lake Tahoe. I am really anxious to go back. The only things that would make it better would be riding bikes, and a hot babe to share it with. Oh yeah!

I was sad to leave Lake Tahoe, but we saw some great scenery on the way out. The lake is somewhere out in the distance.

Andrew and I both have a love of cars. Whenever we go on a trip we purposely plan our route to take us by as many good car locations as possible. Our first stop was at an auto brokerage warehouse just outside of San Francisco.

In San Francisco we went some Japanese garden place. It was pretty cool...I guess.

This is my kind of thrift store!
It's hard to tell from the photo, but the yellow dress is on a male mannequin. Nice!

While we were in San Francisco we stayed with our Uncle and his family. Our first full day in town he invited us to come visit him at his office where he was going to take us on a mystery adventure.

Yeah, he works here. He is the CIO of McKesson, the 13th largest company in the U.S. That's a pretty big deal apparently.
When we got to his building, we checked in at security, were issued temporary visitor passes, and then one of our Uncle's secretaries came to escort us to his office. It was all very official.

Here is the view from his office on the 37th floor.

What was the top secret adventure you ask? Well somehow with his connections he tracked down the company where they film the TV show Mythbusters, so we went there, had a tour of the place, and met everybody! It was pretty much amazing, especially since we are just a big family of geeks who love the kind of things they do on the show.
That's our Uncle Randy on the left. Our awesome cousin Avi is next to him. He does amazing things with robots and Nerf guns by the way.

The following day on our way out of San Francisco we did some touristy things, but first...we had to check out some more cars. While we were driving around in a somewhat dodgy area of San Francisco trying to find a particular car museum, we stumbled upon this place:
We had no idea it was any where near there. We literally turned around a corner and were like, "What the heck? There's Pixar!" Security looked pretty tight so we didn't try to go in the front gates. Instead we crossed the street and went here:
Nice right? They had an original Shelby Cobra. Original! I'll probably never see another one again. They are pretty darn rare.

We crossed a bridge:
We crossed another bridge:

We drove around on the crazy steep streets of San Fran:
We drove up to Coit Tower to take a look around and use the funky self cleaning bathroom thing.
We drove Lombard Street:

On our way out of the city we crossed the Golden Gate Bridge:
I really wanted to jog across it, but we were on a tight schedule. Text time I'm running across that dang bridge!

This is me all exciting about driving across the Golden Gate Bridge:

I got even more excited when we went here:

Where we saw these beauties:
and these:
and these:
and these:
Aren't they gorgeous! If I had to pick between an Aston Martin and a hot girlfriend, it would be the dilemma of the millennium! It would require at least several days worth of carefully weighing the pros and cons of each option. I mean this girl would have to be pretty dang hot to even be considered on the same ballot! I honestly have no idea what I would choose...but it would probably be the car. Hmmm...maybe that's why I don't have a girlfriend...

I particularly love the interior:
"I want that."
The Aston Martin sales associate was super cool too! His name is Andrew and he is from Scotland. He is pretty much as big of an Aston Martin geek as we are so he took us all over the place and talked cars with us for quite a while. It was pretty cool!
Finally we had to wipe the drool from our mouths and tear our sweaty bodies away from these beauties. Ok so our reaction to the cars wasn't quite that graphic, but who cares!

We drove for quite a while before we got to our next destination. On the plus side we got to go through some sweet tunnels!
"And then?...the tunnel..."

All these tunnels took us to Yosemite. I've decided that this is my new favorite national park!
Good old El Capitan'.

We made sure we spent some time in the Ansel Adams Gallery, where I purchased several nice prints as souvenirs.

Leaving Yosemite was interesting. We encountered some extreme changes in terrain in a very short amount of time. First it was stuff like this:
About ten minutes later it was stuff like this:
The gravel was really weird; it was so loose it felt like walking on sponge.

About five minutes later we were driving through this:
Poor fire damaged trees...

The last part of our exodus from Yosemite was the most fun as we encountered some very twisty roads with lots of dips. We were having so much fun on these roads we made a few videos.

This was before we got the really good dips. After driving through stuff like that for a while, we finally came to a sign that said "Dips Next 5 Miles." We thought what we had just gone through was pretty dippy, but we had no idea what was in store.

Ok, you can't really tell from the video, but these dips are HUGE! It was like riding a roller coaster! There were some dips with massive scrapes at the bottom. We set the cruise control at the posted speed limit, so we didn't get to crazy, and then we just enjoyed the ride.

Well, there you have it. This is our amazing road trip in a nutshell. I have tons more pictures so if you want to see more of them just ask. Perhaps I could do a follow-up entry some day.

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