Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sexy Legs!

Yesterday I received an anxiously awaited package in the mail. A package that will aid me in my quest for sexy legs. You might be thinking that I am referring to a par of sexy female legs, with an equally sexy woman attached...but you would be wrong. Don't get any funny ideas; I like girls, and I like them all in one piece, but in this case, the legs I am referring to are my own. That's right, you heard me!

Like many men, for most of my life I have been afflicted with an age-old problem. Actually it isn't age-old, just sock-old...that is to say, a problem as old as socks. How old are socks? I have no idea. I suppose if you were really interested you could do a search for "history of socks." I just did and it took me to an amazing website, but I'm too lazy right now to delve into such a vast realm of academia.
Anyway, the problem: falling down socks. The solution: SOCK GARTERS!

Sexy! Right? Ok, I do admit that they look a little stupid without pants on, but that's fine with me because long socks should always be worn with long pants, and I always wear pants in public...well, most of the time. Anyway, just check out my amazingly sexy legs with perfectly adjusted socks after having worn them all day!

I took these babies for a test run on Sunday, needless to say I am impressed. Seriously it is like a miracle! I wore my socks all day(10 hours) and never had to adjust them once! I am extremely pleased with my purchase. They were well worth the twelve or so dollars they cost me on ebay.

I will admit that it felt good to take them off at the end of the day. The elastics do start to get uncomfortable after so many hours, but it is a small price to pay for having perfectly adjusted socks all day long. "If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up."


Levi Dean said...

Robby if I had know you had a blog I would have been following you sooner.

I must admit sock garters would be nice, especial for Sunday socks. However for 4 to 6 months out of the year I almost completely avoid this problem by wearing over the calf socks. I'd wear them year round if they didn't get so hot in the summer. But I may have to look into getting a pair...

Erica said...

Ok, so after the explanation last night and then seeing the photos today... I guess you made a good purchase! They are pretty sexy!!!