Saturday, May 30, 2009

Brickwalls and Bars

I had an odd realization today when I was grocery shopping/scoping-out hot babes. (I realize this first sentence might have some creepy undertones so let me say that as a single 26 year old, if I am not scoping out babes everywhere I go, I feel I am missing potential opportunities. Driving/scoping, studying/scoping, eating/scoping; hey, I'm just multi-tasking.)
Anyway, I'm in the checkout line and I notice that the checker girl just happens to be a hot babe. So here's the thought process that led to my realization:
(See girl)
'Hmm...she's pretty...'
(Look at her left hand)
'...Excellent, no ring on her finger.'
(Girl looks up and smiles at me)
(I smile back)
'Hey she smiled at me! That's a good sign...'
'...I wonder how old she is..."
At this point I realized that all the checkout line flirting in the world wouldn't do me any good unless I knew approximately how old she was. Also, were I to begin flirting, I might be running the extreme risk of appearing creepy and weird(well, more creepy and weird than normal.)
Feeling slightly frustrated I carried my groceries out to the car. It was at this point when I realized that these encounters are much easier in places where a certain age is guaranteed, such as a university, a professional work place, or a bar. Perhaps this is the reason so many people in the world choose to hang out in bars, at least that way you know that anyone you might be interested in is at least 21...that's good right?
Keep in mind I'm not advocating bars in any way, this was just the realization I had. I've only been to one bar, one time, and I only had a burger; even then I was pretty uncomfortable just being there.
Seeing as how I am not a bar-going person, this realization pretty much does me no good. I just thought it was interesting. Actually now that I think about it, I'm pretty sure most people would look at this as a sort of "no-duh" realization, so now this whole post actually seems pretty silly. Oh well.


Leon said...

Dude, just go for it! Ask questions later.

DavidTheSteak said...

If she's 18, at least you would have tried. And then you have a great excuse to frequent a new grocery store.