Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Red Rum

Let me start by saying that I'm not particularly skilled in the art of social conversation. Sometimes I will say something to a group that I think is clever and interesting, but only draws blank stares and silence. Several Sundays ago I had one of these experiences.
I was walking through the bishops office/clerks office area at church when I overheard part of a story a girl was telling. She was saying how you shouldn't bend your index finger into a hook shape because in some Asian countries that is a symbol for death.
As I am passing by I stop and make the comment, "Oh, that is kind of like Red Rum!"
Everyone just looks at me with these confused blank stares.
"You know, Red Rum...? From The Shining...?"
"Stephen King?"
More silence.
This time I give them more of an explanation, "You know, that creepy little kid in The Shining who makes that same finger sign and says 'Red Rum' in that creepy voice, but Red Rum spelled backwards is Murder?"
Still no response.
"Ok nevermind."
As I am walking away down the hall I hear them start giggling. I guess I just assumed that most people would be familiar with a classic horror film like The Shining. I guess I was wrong.
I take comfort in knowing that my foolish appearance was entirely due to their ignorance of classic films and not from my own social awkwardness. That's what I tell myself at least.

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Squall said...

I got the reference, dawg.